Readers are the Best Lovers

Readers are the Best Lovers. Here’s Five Reasons Why

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Last year I challenged myself to read more books (36 books, to be exact) to expand my knowledge and get me out of my cellphone addiction. Whenever I get bored, I would pull up a book and read, instead of scrolling to my social media app.

After a year, I found out there are some good traits that came out after I became a frequent reader.

Reading a non-fiction book makes me more knowledge-able.

Reading a sci-fi book makes me more creative and imaginative.

Reading a good romance book makes me love my spouse more.

I personally think that everyone could benefit more from reading. The best lovers are readers.

1.     Reading teaches us patience

Sometimes when you’re on the climax of a book (a conflict escalates, someone dies, or a major plot twist is happening), you just want to rush into the story and know how does it ends. If you’re reading something short like a 100 or 200 pages of book, then you’re probably going to know how it goes for another hour or so.

However, this is often not the case. Halfway through your 500 pages book, you feel very eager to finish it and have a sense of accomplishment; but you have to wait another five or six hours (or even days!) more for it to end.

This is off course different than movies, where it would end in less than three hours and you get the whole shebang.

Face it, we readers know how to put up ourselves through suffering. We know how to hold it on together when things doesn’t go in our way. We don’t look for instant satisfaction, we know that good things come to those who wait.

If you want a lover whose virtue is patience, find yourself an avid reader.

2.     Reading improve focus and concentration

We all crave attention, certainly from those who are closest to us. If you’re always nagging about your spouse/boyfriend/partner to pay attention, maybe try and talk to them into reading.

A study in 2009 discovered that reading created new white matter in the brain of 8 and 10 year old children. Those stuff processes information. So improving their reading ability in fact helped them increase the efficiency of communication among brain areas.

Reading requires a lot of focus. That is why spending time with a good book can help your brain rewire how you process information.

If you’re looking for a listener as a companion, look no further. Find yourself into a bookstore and a library and maybe you could find a pretty decent future Mr. Right.

Just make sure you don’t talk so much at the library. It is frowned upon :p

3.     Reading teaches empathy

A British study by Kingston University in London shows that readers are more empathetic towards others. If you compare the book readers versus T.V. watchers, the book readers are displaying more empathetic behavior.


I think this is because when we read books (especially fiction), we are drawn to the characters and try to feel what they are feeling. The only way we can enjoy what we’re reading only if we connect more to the characters and what they have been through.


Books gives us the ability to understand more about the world and the people around us without even leaving our room. Books enables us to read between the lines, listen to those words that are unsaid.

Find yourself someone who connects with you easily. Someone who probably has endure a lot of heartbreaks and losses (through books).

Find yourself a reader.

4.     Reading makes us better communicators

The most pivotal part of a relationship is communication. Most of the conflicts we have usually because of miss-communication. Fortunately, communication can also resolve all of your conflicts. If you can talk about your feelings very accurately, chances are you will have a higher quality relationship.


We all know that reading requires a certain amount of literacy. A good non-fiction book even can help you stay on top of the information.

But it’s not just non-fiction.


A good fiction books can also expands our vocabulary. Especially if you’re reading something from the 19th Century (like Shakespeare or Jane Austen). It also enables us to adapt into different types of written language.


Readers are the Best Lovers

With a wide range of vocabulary, a reader can communicate their feelings more effectively. He/she can say “I love you” in several languages. They can help you be more expressive. They can feel the words that are left unsaid.

I think we all can agree by now that brainy is the new sexy.

5.     Reading expands our knowledge

If you’re looking for someone in the long haul, you have to be able to spark up a great conversation. Imagine if you’re on a date and your talking partner doesn’t have any reference for anything that you say.


Reading a good book can expand your interest. You may not know anything about world war II, but you’ve read a good historical fiction like The Book Thief. You may not be a bussinessman, but you find some interesting booklist by Bill Gates from his website.

In short, if you want to have an interesting lover, a reader is your best bet. They may not know everything, but they probably know which book is best for which.

So, what do you think? Do you agree with me? Is there anything you want to add into the list?

I personally believe there’s someone out there for everyone, but the best type of people are the ones who read.

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3 thoughts on “Readers are the Best Lovers. Here’s Five Reasons Why

  1. Reading makes us better to thinking.
    Thinking more about every single things. Especially when we have to make a decision,we can see a lot of people’s experiences and see how people thinking to make decisions in their lives, so that’s what I learn from reading book ^^. Anyway, Thanks for this nice posting, your words are clear and easy to understand. Keep sharing!

    1. Thank you for your kind words! I truly believe that when we read we are also learning from other people.
      I hope you will keep on spreading the love of reading! 🙂

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