About Me


My mission:

Indonesia is the second least literary out of 61 nations. Through this blog, I wish to ignite discussion and ideas about books and related topics, and hopefully to boost up my nation’s interest in reading.

This blog is a way for me to write my views and opinions about the books I read, which is mostly literary fiction, historical fiction, and non-fiction. All my reviews included a mix of summary and review on my personal (and sometimes, professional) opinion as an educator.

My posts are curated from many different sources of reading, from physical books, e-book, from Advance Reader’s Copy to classical editions. I regularly review books on Goodreads and Netgalley.

Being an avid reader of imported books in Indonesia is not easy, since some of the books are hard to get and the price are higher than usual. That’s why if you subscribe to my mailing list, I will give you price alerts and book discount info about best-sellers.

If you’re interested in me reviewing your book, please send your email to contactme@deliciamandy.com.

Delicia Mandy Nugroho

Writer, Blogger, and Educator

Born and raised in Jakarta, since I was a child I know that I am always called to be an educator. After pursuing a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Music, I’m currently active teaching at a university and at my home in West Jakarta.

I like to read in my free time, and the books that I reviewed here are the ones that are worth sharing for.Writing has become my hobby and passion. I like to write about my experiences, struggles, and relationships advice. I truly believe that people would feel better about themselves if they know a little better about who they are.

When I’m not teaching or writing, me and my husband like share our tips and knowledge about relationships specially targeted for millennial couples in a podcast show called Pillow Talk ID. Our topic ranges from the Love Languages, conflict management, and communication skills in relationship.